2024 Annual Bulk Clean Up Week: Important Dates and Guidelines for Local Residents in New York 2024 Annual Bulk Clean Up Week: Important Dates and Guidelines for Local Residents in New York

As spring approaches, many municipalities gear up for their annual bulk clean-up weeks, and New York residents are no exception. The 2024 Annual Bulk Clean Up Week is scheduled to run from April 8th to April 29th, providing an opportunity for residents to dispose of large items and declutter their homes. Here are some essential dates and guidelines to ensure a smooth clean-up process for local residents:

Collection Dates:

  • The Spring Clean Up will commence on Monday, April 8, 2024, starting with the Fourth Ward.
  • Subsequently, the clean-up will progress to the Third Ward on April 15, followed by the Second Ward on April 22.
  • Finally, the clean-up will conclude in the First Ward during the week of April 29, 2024.

Collection Guidelines:

  • Each household is entitled to have up to 12 items collected during the clean-up week.
  • Items should be placed on the curb for collection, separate from regular garbage, to facilitate easy pick-up by designated crews.
  • Accepted items include large objects like furniture (e.g., couches, chairs) and boxes of smaller items.
  • However, it’s important to note that certain items will not be collected, including stone, dirt, car parts, construction debris, and hazardous waste such as TVs, computer monitors, computer towers, and batteries.

Special Instructions for Appliances:

  • Appliances set out for collection must have their doors removed for safety reasons.
  • Refrigerators must be freon-free before being placed on the curb to comply with safety regulations.

Electronic Waste Disposal:

  • New York State law prohibits residents from placing electronic devices on the curb or sidewalk for pickup.
  • Instead, residents are encouraged to utilize the city’s Electronic Drop Off Days, as listed on the city’s website, for the proper disposal of electronic items.

Additional Information:

  • It’s important to note that once a street has been serviced, collection trucks will not return. Therefore, residents should ensure that all designated items are placed on the curb before the scheduled collection date.
  • Any additional items left out after collection may be removed by the city and billed to the household.
  • The city will collect a maximum of four tires per house, with no further notifications before pickup.

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By adhering to these guidelines and schedules, New York residents can contribute to a successful and efficient clean-up week while decluttering their homes and neighborhoods. Let’s work together to keep our communities clean and vibrant!

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