California: Riverside Sheriff Chad Bianco Backs Jeff Gonzalez for Assembly

In a significant boost to his campaign, Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco has thrown his support behind Jeff Gonzalez for State Assembly District 36. Bianco, a respected figure with three decades of experience in law enforcement, emphasized Gonzalez’s commitment to public safety as a key reason for his endorsement.

Expressing his endorsement, Sheriff Bianco highlighted Gonzalez’s background as a U.S. Marine, noting his understanding of the challenges faced by law enforcement personnel on the front lines. Bianco emphasized Gonzalez’s dedication to supporting first responders, holding criminals accountable, and prioritizing the safety of Riverside County residents.

The endorsement from Sheriff Bianco holds particular weight among Republican candidates, given his stature within the party and his proven track record in law enforcement leadership. Bianco’s endorsement signals a strong vote of confidence in Gonzalez’s ability to represent the interests of the community effectively.

Gonzalez, who is seeking the Assembly seat currently held by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, expressed gratitude for Sheriff Bianco’s endorsement and emphasized the urgent need for new leadership to address California’s crime crisis. He pledged to work tirelessly in Sacramento to advocate for public safety measures and address the pressing issues facing the state.

Assembly District 36 encompasses San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial Valley counties, making it a crucial battleground for candidates seeking to represent the region’s diverse communities. With Gonzalez among seven contenders vying for the seat, the race is poised to be highly competitive.

In the upcoming primary election, the top two vote-getters, irrespective of party affiliation, will advance to the general election in November. Gonzalez’s campaign has garnered momentum, with support from a diverse array of public safety leaders and organizations who recognize his dedication to creating a safer California.

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Sheriff Bianco’s endorsement adds to a growing list of supporters rallying behind Gonzalez’s campaign, further solidifying his position as a leading candidate in the race for Assembly District 36. As the election season progresses, Gonzalez remains committed to advocating for policies that prioritize public safety and address the concerns of residents across Riverside County.

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