Safety Harbor Teen Charged with Vehicular Homicide in Deadly Clearwater Crash

In a tragic incident earlier this year, a 71-year-old man lost his life in a rollover crash in Pinellas County, leading to vehicular homicide charges against a Safety Harbor teen.

According to reports from the Clearwater Police Department, Tyler Graham, 19, was behind the wheel of a 2010 Toyota Tacoma on January 26. Allegedly, Graham was driving recklessly on U.S. 19 at Seville Boulevard, speeding and frequently changing lanes. In the midst of this dangerous driving behavior, Graham collided with another vehicle, resulting in a rollover crash that proved fatal.

The passenger in the impacted vehicle, identified as Stephen Douglas De-Meza from Dunedin, tragically succumbed to his injuries after being transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa.

Following the crash, Graham purportedly admitted to law enforcement officers that he was traveling at speeds between 80 to 85 miles per hour. His reported reason for such reckless driving behavior was that he was “rushing to get home between classes.”

In light of the circumstances surrounding the incident, Tyler Graham, aged 19, was arrested and subsequently booked into the Pinellas County Jail on Saturday, as confirmed by the Clearwater Police Department.

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This heartbreaking event serves as a stark reminder of the grave consequences of reckless driving behavior. The loss of life in this tragic accident underscores the importance of responsible driving practices and the need for individuals to exercise caution and restraint behind the wheel. As the community mourns the loss of Stephen Douglas De-Meza, efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of speeding and reckless driving become even more crucial.

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