Woman Fatally Struck While Crossing Street in Manatee County: FHP

Tragedy struck in Manatee County on Saturday night as a pedestrian was hit and killed during a crash, according to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP). The incident, which occurred around 10:45 p.m. on 9th Street East, north of 301 Boulevard East, has left authorities and the local community reeling from the loss.

According to reports from the FHP, a 61-year-old Bradenton man was driving an SUV northbound on 9th Street East when the collision occurred. At the same time, an unidentified woman was walking in an easterly direction, traversing the roadway from the west sidewalk of 9th Street East.

Tragically, the woman crossed the southbound travel lanes and entered the direct path of the SUV, resulting in a devastating collision. Despite efforts by emergency responders, the woman succumbed to her injuries at the scene of the crash.

The precise circumstances surrounding the incident remain under investigation by the FHP as authorities work to determine the factors contributing to the collision. As details emerge, the community mourns the loss of the victim and extends heartfelt condolences to her loved ones.

Pedestrian accidents serve as a sobering reminder of the importance of road safety and the need for vigilance among both motorists and pedestrians alike. As residents of Manatee County grapple with this tragic loss, it underscores the critical importance of exercising caution while traveling on local roadways.

The FHP continues to urge all road users to remain attentive and adhere to traffic regulations to prevent accidents and minimize the risk of injury or loss of life. By promoting awareness and implementing measures to enhance road safety, communities can work together to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

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As the investigation into this heartbreaking incident unfolds, authorities encourage anyone with information regarding the crash to come forward and assist with the ongoing inquiries. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to prioritizing safety, we can strive to create safer streets for all residents of Manatee County and beyond.

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