Georgia Counties Seek Volunteers to Report Storm Damages

Counties across Georgia’s metro area are soliciting volunteers to assist in spotting and reporting storm damages in the aftermath of severe weather events. The National Weather Service (NWS) is actively recruiting individuals to help gather critical information regarding the impacts of storms, including flooding, roof collapses, and road obstructions caused by vehicles trapped in floodwaters.

David Nadler, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the NWS, underscores the importance of real-time reporting from individuals in the field. While the NWS possesses tools and resources to issue weather warnings, Nadler emphasizes the need for firsthand accounts to supplement their data.

Volunteers undergo training, typically lasting around two hours, to equip them with the necessary skills to spot and report storm damages safely. The training covers various topics, including thunderstorm development and identifying severe weather features. Counties like Douglas and Dekalb in Georgia are organizing in-person training sessions this month to accommodate volunteers interested in contributing to this vital effort.

Nadler expresses optimism about the level of interest from potential volunteers and encourages more individuals to participate in reporting storm damages. He notes that the training is accessible, with the option for online participation if attending in person is not feasible.

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By mobilizing a network of trained volunteers, the NWS aims to enhance its ability to provide accurate and timely warnings during severe weather events. The collaboration between the NWS and community volunteers underscores the collective responsibility in ensuring public safety and mitigating the impacts of adverse weather conditions in Georgia.

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