Texas State Rep Frazier's Controversial Tactics Exposed Ahead of Primary Election

As the primary election looms in Texas, incumbent State Representative Frazier (R) finds himself embroiled in controversy as video evidence surfaces, revealing attempts to conceal his criminal background from voters. Frazier, who is seeking re-election, faces scrutiny after being convicted and dishonorably discharged from the Dallas Police Department, actions that have sparked outrage among constituents and opposition from advocacy groups.

Video footage captured at multiple polling locations in Collin County, Texas, sheds light on the underhanded tactics employed by Frazier and his campaign team. The footage depicts Frazier’s campaign signs strategically stacked and placed in front of signs erected by the Collin County Citizens for Integrity PAC, which opposes Frazier’s candidacy. The PAC, in its efforts to inform voters about Frazier’s criminal convictions and dishonorable discharge, had posted signs and “prison” dolls around polling locations, drawing attention to Frazier’s troubled past.

The Collin County Citizens for Integrity PAC’s actions are a response to what they perceive as Frazier’s attempts to conceal his criminal history and deceive voters. Through their video ad, the PAC aims to expose Frazier’s desperate tactics and hold him accountable for his actions. By juxtaposing footage of Frazier’s campaign signs being used to obscure their own messaging, the ad underscores the lengths to which Frazier is willing to go to maintain his political power.

Frazier’s actions have elicited strong condemnation from the community, with many expressing outrage over his attempts to manipulate the election process. Critics argue that Frazier’s behavior not only undermines the integrity of the electoral system but also raises questions about his fitness to serve in public office. The revelation of Frazier’s criminal background and his subsequent attempts to conceal it have eroded trust among voters and cast doubt on his credibility as a candidate.

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As the primary election draws nearer, the controversy surrounding Frazier’s candidacy intensifies, prompting calls for accountability and transparency. The Collin County Citizens for Integrity PAC remains steadfast in its commitment to exposing Frazier’s wrongdoing and ensuring that voters are fully informed when casting their ballots. With the stakes high and tensions mounting, the battle for political integrity in Collin County rages on, underscoring the importance of ethical leadership and accountability in public service.

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