Trump Asserts Wealth Makes $90 Million Bond Unnecessary in Defamation Case

Former President Donald Trump is pushing back against the requirement to post a $90 million bond to appeal the defamation ruling against him in the case brought by writer E. Jean Carroll. Trump’s legal team argues that his considerable wealth should exempt him from such financial obligations, contending that the amount is not a deterrent for him.

In court filings, Trump’s attorneys requested a delay in the deadline for payment or bond posting, citing the hefty sum required for appeal. New York law mandates a cash bond of 110 percent of the judgment amount to appeal civil case rulings, translating to over $91 million in Trump’s case, following the $83 million defamation ruling against him in January.

The legal motion sought an unsecured stay, allowing Trump to proceed with the appeal without upfront payment, while highlighting Carroll’s acknowledgment of Trump’s substantial financial resources. Trump’s team argued that Carroll’s prior assertions about Trump’s wealth undermine her request for a bond, as she previously suggested to the jury that Trump’s personal wealth far exceeds the judgment amount.

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By challenging the necessity of the bond, Trump’s legal strategy attempts to leverage his financial status to avoid immediate payment while pursuing an appeal. The motion underscores the complexity and high stakes of the ongoing legal battle between Trump and Carroll, reflecting the broader implications of wealth and power in the judicial process.

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