Beaumont Gears Up for Opening of New Fire Station

Beaumont is making strides in its preparations for the forthcoming opening of its new fire station, as highlighted by recent actions taken by the city council. On Tuesday, Feb. 20, the council amended its fire and paramedic services contract with Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire Department to facilitate staffing for Fire Station 106, currently under construction at Potrero Boulevard and Olivewood Avenue.

The station, whose construction commenced in September 2022, is slated to open its doors in the coming weeks. Designed to bolster service quality and reduce response times, especially on the west side of the city, the 10,000-square-foot facility will feature four bedrooms, a kitchen, an office, and a fitness center.

To kickstart the hiring process for the additional staff required for the new station, Riverside County Fire Chief Bill Weiser requires a letter from the city confirming its commitment to funding the new positions. The recent council action approved the issuance of this letter, paving the way for the recruitment of necessary personnel. Once fully operational, the station will be manned by 12 positions and serviced by a ladder truck. The city will finance six of these positions, while the county will fund three.

While the city awaits the delivery of a ladder truck, scheduled for 2025, the station will initially operate with a fire engine and a staffing of nine, all funded by the city. Upon delivery of the ladder truck, the county will add three additional positions, funded by the county. The initial staffing will comprise three fire captains, three fire apparatus engineers, and three firefighter II paramedics.

Anticipating this expenditure, the city allocated $1.1 million in its fiscal year 2023-24 budget for station staffing. However, due to the shorter time frame remaining in the fiscal year, the actual cost may come in under budget.

In anticipation of the station’s opening, the city previously allocated $300,000 from budgeted fire funds in January for the purchase of equipment and furnishings, including weight equipment, furniture, and kitchen utensils and appliances.

Additionally, at the same Feb. 20 meeting, the city council approved the purchase of a 2024 Ford 550 4×4 diesel squad truck to replace an aging squad unit assigned to Fire Station 66. The decision was prompted by the high maintenance costs and operational challenges associated with the existing squad unit, which has reached the end of its operational life. The purchase of the new squad vehicle, totaling $278,626 plus a contingency, was included in the city’s capital improvement plan amendment approved in January.

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With these measures in place, Beaumont is poised to enhance its fire and emergency response capabilities, ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

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