Boy Critically Injured in Perris Hit-and-Run Incident

A young boy in Perris suffered life-threatening injuries after being struck by a motorist who fled the scene of an accident, according to authorities. The hit-and-run incident took place around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday near the intersection of South C and West Third streets, as reported by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Sgt. Jeremy Bracey provided details of the incident, stating that the boy, who has not been identified, was walking with his family when they were crossing C Street. At that moment, a southbound motorist in a pickup truck clipped a parked car and then struck the juvenile as he fled the scene. The truck was last seen in the vicinity of West Fourth Street and South A Street.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene promptly and found the victim with major injuries. He was swiftly transported to a regional trauma center in critical condition. As of Thursday, the child’s condition remains undisclosed, pending further updates from medical authorities. Fortunately, the family members accompanying the boy were unharmed in the hit-and-run incident.

Authorities provided a description of the vehicle involved in the incident, describing it as a dark-colored full-size pickup truck. However, specific details regarding the make, model, and license plate were not provided.

The hit-and-run incident has sparked concerns within the community, prompting law enforcement officials to appeal for any information or witnesses who may have observed the incident or have knowledge of the fleeing vehicle’s whereabouts. With the child’s life hanging in the balance, the search for the perpetrator responsible for this reckless act remains ongoing.

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As the investigation unfolds, residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any pertinent information to local authorities to assist in apprehending the individual responsible for causing such grievous harm to a young member of the Perris community.

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