In a regrettable incident at Disney World’s Boardwalk Inn, a visit to the Belle Vue Lounge, styled after a 1930s speakeasy, turned confrontational, resulting in the arrest of 61-year-old Brent George.

The event occurred on the evening of January 25, when George, under the influence of alcohol and after reportedly mocking a woman with Down Syndrome, became involved in a physical altercation with her family members.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office affidavit, George sustained visible facial injuries during the incident. He reported to law enforcement that he had been attacked by a family at the lounge after a glass cup was allegedly thrown at him. George, admitting to consuming alcohol prior to the altercation, claimed a misunderstanding led to the physical exchange. A friend of George corroborated his claim, suggesting George approached the family under the impression they were welcoming interaction and that his actions were in self-defense.

However, the family involved provided a starkly contrasting account. Wesley Goldberg, who was at the table with his sister and mother, detailed that George initiated the confrontation by mimicking the sounds made by his sister, who uses a wheelchair and has Down Syndrome.

The situation escalated when George physically shoved Goldberg’s mother upon being confronted and subsequently struck Goldberg’s wife. The altercation between Goldberg and George ended when another guest intervened, removing George from the scene.

The sheriff’s office clarified that no evidence of a glass cup being used as a weapon was found at the site of the brawl.

Following the incident, George was arrested and charged with four counts of first-degree battery. He was detained overnight and later released on a $4,000 bond after his wife’s intervention. George has since entered a plea of not guilty to all charges.

This unfortunate event highlights the importance of respectful and considerate behavior, especially in family-oriented environments such as Disney World.

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