Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies have reconvened at two farms in Orange County as part of an ongoing investigation related to the Gambino crime family. This recent operation, observed by News 12, involved approximately two dozen officials at a property located at 117 Hamptonburgh Road, utilizing K-9 units and accompanied by the New York City Medical Examiner.

The FBI’s New York office has confirmed its presence not only at the Hamptonburgh Road site but also at a second location, previously scrutinized last year, at 51 Hampton Road in Goshen. At the Goshen farm, officials were noted for blocking access to the property and establishing temporary structures on-site.

Despite these visible activities, the FBI has withheld further details regarding the nature of the investigation. Additionally, the NYPD has not issued a comment in response to inquiries, and state police representatives have informed News 12 of their lack of knowledge concerning the law enforcement actions.

This follows a report by News 12 from November, where it was first revealed that authorities were conducting excavations on one of the properties, leaving visible disturbances in the terrain. This activity was linked to an extensive investigation into the Gambino crime family, following the indictment of ten alleged members accused of violent endeavors to dominate the waste management and demolition sectors in New York City.

The properties under investigation, situated approximately 50 miles from Manhattan, have been associated with the Dilorenzo family through an analysis of online county records, including an upscale residence in West Islip on Long Island.

Sal Dilorenzo, named among the defendants in the alleged criminal enterprise, has been indirectly connected to the properties; however, the specific reasons prompting the searches remain undisclosed by authorities.

In response to the developments, Andrew Lankler, the attorney for Sal Dilorenzo, has stated that the farms implicated in the investigation are not owned by his client but by another branch of the Dilorenzo family. Lankler further commented that the legal proceedings are in their preliminary phases, and he is currently awaiting the disclosure of evidence from federal prosecutors.

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