The Middletown community reels from a shocking incident as details emerge about the tragic deaths of two Haitian asylum-seekers, allegedly at the hands of their roommate. News 12 has unveiled the identities of the victims, Marc Saint Vilus and Rosbert Myrtil, whose lives were abruptly ended in a violent confrontation at their shared residence at 33 Ruth Court on Monday.

The accused, 30-year-old Kenol Baptiste, also an asylum-seeker from Haiti, faces murder charges in connection with the stabbing deaths of Saint Vilus and Myrtil. Baptiste’s arrest has sent ripples through the community, with many struggling to reconcile the gentle persona known to them with the gravity of the crime he is accused of committing.

Legal proceedings commenced swiftly, with Baptiste appearing in the City of Middletown Court on Monday morning. The case was momentarily adjourned, awaiting a grand jury’s review, which led to the filing of a notice of indictment by the afternoon, as disclosed by Orange County District Attorney Dave Hoovler.

Marie Pereira, a lawyer specializing in Haitian immigration, who had previously assisted both victims in their pursuit of work authorizations in the United States, shared insights into the profound impact this tragedy has had on those who knew the victims and the accused.

According to Pereira, the news of the incident has been met with disbelief and shock, particularly because Baptiste was regarded as a “kind, docile, and mild-mannered” individual by those who knew him, making the allegations against him all the more difficult to comprehend.

The circumstances surrounding this devastating event have underscored the complexities and challenges faced by asylum-seekers as they navigate life in a new country, often under precarious conditions. Baptiste’s current status includes a deportation hold at Orange County Jail, adding another layer of complexity to an already intricate legal and immigration scenario.

As the community and the families of Marc Saint Vilus and Rosbert Myrtil mourn their loss, questions about the underlying factors that led to this tragic outcome remain. This case not only highlights the individual tragedies involved but also casts a spotlight on the broader issues of asylum-seeking and integration into American society.

The coming weeks are expected to provide more clarity as legal proceedings continue, offering some hope for justice and closure for those affected by this tragedy.

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