MTA Workers Reunite Traveler with Lost Bag Containing $30,000

Two workers from New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) are being lauded for their exemplary actions in reuniting a traveler with a lost bag containing a substantial amount of money.

Assistant Conductor Christopher Nocito discovered the abandoned bag on a Long Island Rail Road train heading to Ronkonkoma. Upon inspection, MTA staff found the bag to be filled with cash, estimated at around $30,000.

“I was told there was about $30,000 in it. I didn’t actually count it,” Nocito shared during an interview with WABC-TV.

Detective Kristin Riker, from the MTA Police, took charge of locating the bag’s owner. With meticulous investigation, Riker uncovered a planner within the bag, leading her to discover an appointment for a car inspection. Utilizing this information, she contacted the mechanic associated with the appointment and, with his assistance, successfully identified and reached out to the bag’s owner through the lost and found department.

Thanks to their dedicated efforts, the bag, along with its valuable contents, was promptly returned to its rightful owner.

This heartening incident mirrors a similar occurrence from last year when MTA workers went to great lengths to locate a lost bag containing $12,000. In that instance, the bag belonging to Juliet Barton was found intact in the lost and found department, with all the cash still securely inside.

These acts of integrity and diligence by MTA employees underscore their commitment to serving the public and ensuring the safe return of lost items to their owners.

Such stories serve as shining examples of the positive impact that conscientious individuals can have in their communities, demonstrating the importance of honesty and compassion in everyday interactions. The MTA workers involved have not only upheld the values of their organization but have also restored faith in humanity by going above and beyond to assist a fellow traveler in need.

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Their actions exemplify the best of public service, showcasing the power of kindness and the importance of looking out for one another, even in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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