New Jersey’s Newest Old-School Diner Delight: A Must-Visit at the American Dream Mall

When it comes to dining in New Jersey, few experiences rival the charm and comfort of a classic diner. From the extensive menu offerings to the cozy leather booths and the tantalizing display of homemade cakes, there’s a nostalgic allure that keeps locals and visitors coming back for more. Whether you’re a regular at the Bandwagon Diner off 37 or a fan of the Four Seasons Diner in Toms River, every corner of the Garden State boasts its own beloved diner gem.

However, in a landscape where traditional diners are a cherished hallmark of New Jersey culture, discovering a “new” old-school diner is a rare delight. Yet, true to its reputation as the diner capital of the world, New Jersey has once again delivered, with the arrival of the Around The Clock Diner.

Despite opening its doors in January 2024, this diner exudes a timeless ambiance that instantly transports patrons back in time. Nestled on the dining floor of the iconic American Dream Mall, the Around The Clock Diner seamlessly blends classic decor with modern highlights, offering a dining experience that feels both familiar and fresh.

From hearty omelets and classic breakfast fare to modern favorites like chicken and waffles, the menu caters to every craving with flair. But what truly sets this diner apart is its possession of a liquor license, elevating the dining experience to new heights. Picture this: enjoying pancakes for dinner while sipping on your favorite cocktail, perfectly complementing the comfort food classics.

What adds an extra layer of fun to the experience is the diner’s themed drink menu, featuring concoctions inspired by classic films. Take, for example, the “American Graffiti,” crafted with 1792 Ridgemont Reserve—a delicious nod to cinematic nostalgia that’s sure to delight movie buffs and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

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As word spreads about the Around The Clock Diner, it’s quickly becoming New Jersey’s newest best-kept secret for old-school diner aficionados. So, whether you’re a local or just passing through, be sure to bring your appetite and indulge in a taste of classic diner charm at this delightful destination in the heart of the American Dream Mall.

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