Pinellas Man Faces First-Degree Murder Charges in Connection with 2 Overdose Deaths

Pinellas Park Police Department has charged James Peoples III, 33, with first-degree murder following his alleged involvement in the deaths of Kane Mitchell, 32, and Luke Comiskey, 31, due to fentanyl overdoses. The tragic incident unfolded at an apartment on Grand Avenue in Pinellas Park, where Mitchell and Comiskey, who were roommates, were discovered lifeless on April 23.

According to authorities, Peoples is accused of selling fentanyl to Mitchell and Comiskey, which ultimately led to their untimely demise. The gravity of the situation has prompted law enforcement to pursue justice vigorously, as they aim to hold those accountable who contribute to the proliferation of dangerous substances within the community.

Pinellas Park Police Department’s Chief of Police, Adam Geissenberger, expressed profound concern over the devastating consequences of fentanyl abuse, emphasizing the unwavering commitment of the agency and the city to combat the scourge of overdoses. He underscored the importance of relentless pursuit of justice and continued efforts to safeguard the community from the perils of this lethal substance.

Peoples now faces two counts of first-degree murder, reflecting the severity of the charges levied against him. As the legal proceedings unfold, authorities remain steadfast in their determination to address the epidemic of fentanyl overdoses and prevent further loss of life within the community.

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The tragic deaths of Kane Mitchell and Luke Comiskey serve as a stark reminder of the deadly impact of fentanyl abuse and the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to combat the opioid crisis. Through collaborative efforts between law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and community stakeholders, Pinellas Park endeavors to mitigate the devastating effects of substance abuse and promote public health and safety for all residents.

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