Rehabilitation Success: Injured Golden Eagle Released Back into Riverside County Wilderness

A heartwarming tale of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation unfolded in Riverside County as a golden eagle, previously found injured and unable to fly, was released back into the wild after receiving two weeks of extensive care at the San Diego Humane Society’s Ramona Wildlife Center.

The eagle’s journey to freedom began when a compassionate member of the San Jacinto community discovered the majestic bird in distress. Underweight, covered in mud and manure, and with mild abrasions to its feet, the eagle’s condition was dire. The recent storm likely exacerbated its plight.

Transported to the Ramona Wildlife Center on February 5th, the eagle received expert care from the veterinary team at the San Diego Humane Society and Project Wildlife. Treatment included addressing parasites, providing essential fluids, and administering pain medications to aid in the bird’s recovery.

After just five days of dedicated care, the eagle showed remarkable improvement and was transferred to a small outdoor aviary. Under the watchful eyes of the Project Wildlife team, the bird continued to progress, prompting its transition to a larger aviary on February 15th.

Rehabilitation Success: Injured Golden Eagle Released Back into Riverside County Wilderness

Prior to its triumphant return to the wilderness, the golden eagle received an additional touch of care: banding by a USGS-permitted raptor biologist from the SDHS’s Ramona Wildlife Center. This banding allows the Department of Fish and Wildlife to monitor and track the eagle’s movements, ensuring ongoing support for its well-being.

The release of this magnificent bird symbolizes the power of compassion, dedication, and collaboration in safeguarding wildlife. It serves as a testament to the invaluable work of organizations like the San Diego Humane Society and Project Wildlife, as well as the vital role of community members in protecting and preserving our natural world.

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As the golden eagle soars once more over the Riverside County wilderness, its journey stands as a reminder of the resilience of nature and the transformative impact of rehabilitation efforts.

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