Riverside County Gas Prices Surge to Highest Level Since December

Motorists in Riverside County are feeling the pinch at the pump as the average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline reached its highest level since December 1st. According to data from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service, the average price rose by 1.2 cents on Sunday, hitting $4.767.

This marks the ninth consecutive day of price increases, with a total rise of 10 cents over the past week. Saturday alone saw a notable increase of 2.3 cents. However, this surge follows a period of relative stability, with six decreases in seven days that amounted to a decrease of 2.4 cents.

Compared to just one week ago, the average price has shot up by 9.5 cents, and it’s a staggering 22.5 cents higher than it was a month ago. Despite these recent hikes, it’s worth noting that prices remain 3.6 cents lower than they were at this time last year. Furthermore, there has been a significant drop of $1.606 since the record high of $6.373 recorded on October 5th, 2022.

Nationally, the average gas price also experienced an uptick, rising by eight-tenths of a cent to $3.346. This marks the seventh consecutive increase following a stretch of eight decreases in nine days, totaling 2.2 cents. Over the past week, the national average has climbed by 8.4 cents, with Saturday alone seeing a rise of seven-tenths of a cent.

In comparison to a month ago, the national average price is up by 19.6 cents. However, it remains 4.4 cents lower than it was a year ago. Like in Riverside County, there has been a significant decrease of $1.67 since the record high of $5.016 on June 14th, 2022.

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As gas prices continue to fluctuate, motorists in Riverside County and across the nation are keeping a close eye on the pump, navigating the impacts of these changes on their wallets and daily routines.

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