Sundial Renovations Set to Transform St. Petersburg's Downtown Hub

Excitement brews in St. Petersburg as plans for the renovation of Sundial, a prominent downtown landmark, are set in motion. This marks the third significant overhaul for the property since its inception as BayWalk in 2000, with Paradise Ventures CEO Mike Connor spearheading the latest transformation.

Connor expressed enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing the opportune timing to revitalize the plaza amid the burgeoning growth in downtown St. Pete. He envisions the revamped Sundial as a vibrant gathering place for the community, tailored to appeal to a younger demographic.

Central to the redesign is the rejuvenation of the courtyard, promising a fresh and interactive space conducive to hosting various events and activities on a regular basis. Out with the old, as planters and the iconic sundial sculpture make way for lush greenery, ushering in a renewed ambiance of openness and connectivity.

In addition to revitalizing the physical space, Sundial’s renovation also entails welcoming new tenants, both local and regional, alongside established national chains. Among the newcomers are Forbici Modern Italian and Serotonin Health and Wellness, promising a diverse and dynamic retail and dining experience.

For local businesses like Jackie Z Style Co., situated within Sundial, the renovation heralds a potential resurgence after facing challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. Jackie Zumba, the boutique’s owner, reminisces about the vibrant atmosphere during Sundial’s earlier days and anticipates a revitalization that will reinvigorate foot traffic and bolster business opportunities.

With construction set to commence imminently, the Sundial renovation project is slated for completion by September. Despite the construction activities, businesses within Sundial will remain operational, ensuring minimal disruption to patrons and maintaining the vibrant spirit of the downtown hub.

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As the renovation unfolds, St. Petersburg anticipates the transformation of Sundial into a reimagined urban oasis, poised to reignite the city’s pulse and reaffirm its status as a thriving cultural and commercial destination in the heart of downtown.

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