Tampa City Councilwoman's Husband, Tim Burke, Indicted for Conspiracy

Tim Burke, the husband of Tampa City Councilwoman Lynn Hurtak, found himself in legal trouble as federal charges were brought against him on Thursday. The indictment, comprising 14 counts, alleges Burke’s involvement in conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer, and interception of wire, oral, or electronic communication.

According to court documents, Burke, along with an unnamed co-conspirator in Washington D.C., is accused of accessing protected computers without authorization. They allegedly utilized the internet to search for such computers, obtaining credentials like usernames and passwords illegitimately. Their activities extended to scouring these computers for electronic items and information deemed desirable. Among the targeted entities mentioned in the indictment are the NSL (National Sports League), StreamCo Inc., a multinational media company based in New York, and a commercial broadcast television and radio network, also headquartered in New York. The indictment further reveals that Burke and his accomplice communicated via direct messages on Twitter and their Google accounts.

The legal scrutiny intensified when FBI agents executed a search warrant at Burke and Hurtak’s residence in May 2023, confiscating multiple electronic devices, including computers and phones, along with hard copy materials. This action stemmed from an investigation linked to leaked behind-the-scenes video footage of FOX News.

In July 2023, Burke’s legal team filed a motion asserting his innocence, claiming no wrongdoing or breaches of the law. They contended that the videos in question were publicly accessible on an unencrypted website, negating the need for usernames or passwords. At that time, Burke’s attorneys criticized the government’s actions as encroachments on his rights.

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Burke, known as a reporter whose exposé on football player Manti Te’o’s catfishing ordeal inspired a Netflix series, now faces serious legal ramifications as the indictment casts a shadow over his reputation and personal life. As the legal proceedings unfold, the implications of these charges reverberate not only within the local community but also in the broader realm of media and public scrutiny.

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