Food Safety Concerns Unveiled: Inspection Reports from Bradenton-Area Restaurants

Recent inspections by Florida’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants have brought to light a slew of food safety issues at several eateries in the Bradenton area, raising concerns about public health and cleanliness practices. From improper food storage to hygiene lapses, the reports shed light on critical violations that have prompted corrective actions and follow-up inspections.

At Caddy’s Bradenton on Riverside Dr. E., inspectors discovered high-priority violations including instances of improper handwashing and raw food storage, underscoring the importance of stringent hygiene protocols in food service establishments. Similarly, Cortez Kitchen faced scrutiny for storing cleaning fluids near food items and employing inadequate food safety measures during packaging.

Golden Wok on First St. faced citations for storing raw chicken over ready-to-eat foods and failing to maintain proper food temperatures, while Kiku Sushi & Grill on Cortez Road W. received warnings for various violations including improper handwashing practices and inadequate storage of cleaning supplies.

Meanwhile, the Manatee County Golf Course, Mean Deans Local Kitchen, El Primo Taqueria, Shore Longboat Key, and Taqueria Morales (a food truck) were also flagged for a range of violations, from temperature control issues to improper storage practices.

The severity of these violations underscores the critical importance of adhering to food safety regulations to protect public health. With consumers relying on restaurants to provide safe and sanitary dining experiences, it is imperative for establishments to prioritize compliance with health and safety standards.

The Division of Hotels and Restaurants’ ongoing efforts to inspect and enforce regulations serve as a crucial safeguard against potential health hazards in food service establishments. However, the responsibility also falls on restaurant operators to maintain high standards of cleanliness and food safety practices to ensure the well-being of their patrons.

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As these inspection reports become public information, they serve as a reminder for both consumers and restaurant owners alike to remain vigilant in upholding food safety standards and practices. By working together to address these concerns, the Bradenton community can continue to enjoy safe and satisfying dining experiences for years to come.

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