Texas Protestors Rally in Support of Rep. Darby Amidst Abbott and Bradley Remarks

In downtown San Angelo, Texas, a gathering of protestors lined E. Towhig Avenue to express unwavering support for State Representative Drew Darby, coinciding with a visit by Governor Greg Abbott and state representative candidate Stormy Bradley inside the Old Central Firehouse Pizzeria. The demonstration, which drew participants from both Republican and Democratic backgrounds, centered on opposition to school voucher legislation proposed under House Bill 1, with Darby emerging as a vocal opponent of the measure.

The diverse group of protestors, including retired school teachers and community members, united to emphasize their solidarity with Darby and their staunch defense of public education. Kay Holland, a retired educator, underscored the grassroots nature of the rally, highlighting the critical importance of preserving public funds for public schools. The proposed legislation, which would redirect taxpayer dollars to private schools, raised concerns about the potential impact on smaller, rural communities lacking private educational options.

Holland and other protestors emphasized the detrimental consequences of diverting resources away from independent school districts, particularly in underserved areas where public schools serve as vital community institutions. The rally served as a platform to amplify voices advocating for Darby’s continued support of public education and to raise awareness about the potential repercussions of the proposed voucher bill.

With no Democratic candidate opposing Darby or Bradley in the upcoming election, protestors underscored the urgency of ensuring representation that prioritizes the interests of public education. Despite the absence of a challenger from the opposing party, the demonstrators remained steadfast in their commitment to holding elected officials accountable and advocating for policies that benefit students and communities statewide.

Elizabeth McPeterson, another retired teacher, highlighted Darby’s track record as a staunch advocate for public education, citing his unwavering support for communities across Texas. McPeterson warned of the devastating consequences of the voucher bill, particularly for small West Texas towns, where the loss of funding could jeopardize the quality of education and undermine the fabric of local communities.

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The protest underscored the deep-seated concerns among Texans regarding the future of public education and the need for representatives who will champion the interests of students and educators. As the state grapples with contentious education policy debates, the voices of grassroots activists and community members will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of public education in Texas.

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