Avangrid Launches Compensation Program for Fishermen Affected by Vineyard Wind Project In Northeastern States

Avangrid has unveiled the Fisheries Compensatory Mitigation Program for the Vineyard Wind 1 project, aiming to address the economic impacts faced by commercial fishermen due to the project’s construction, operations, and decommissioning activities. Administered by a third party, the program is designed to provide fair and equitable compensation to fishermen operating in the waters of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

With a deadline set for June 3rd, fishermen in these states have the opportunity to qualify for compensation through the program. Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Rebecca Tepper, praised the initiative, recognizing its significance in supporting the states’ commercial fisheries during the ongoing transition towards clean energy. Tepper expressed optimism that the program would serve as a blueprint for fostering the harmonious coexistence of offshore wind projects and commercial fishing activities.

Pedro Azagra, CEO of Avangrid, reiterated the company’s commitment to nurturing positive relationships with local fishing communities and ensuring the sustainable development of vital industries in the Northeast region. Azagra emphasized Avangrid’s dedication to mitigating the financial impacts of the Vineyard Wind 1 project on commercial fishermen, encouraging affected individuals to avail themselves of the compensation program.

The launch of the Fisheries Compensatory Mitigation Program underscores Avangrid’s proactive approach to addressing the concerns of fishing communities affected by offshore wind development. By providing a platform for fair compensation, Avangrid seeks to mitigate potential disruptions to the livelihoods of fishermen while advancing the region’s transition to renewable energy.

Through dialogue and collaboration, Avangrid aims to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between offshore wind projects and the commercial fishing industry. The company recognizes the importance of sustainable development and economic growth in the region, and the compensation program reflects its commitment to upholding these values.

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The Fisheries Compensatory Mitigation Program represents a crucial step towards ensuring that offshore wind projects like Vineyard Wind 1 contribute positively to the economic well-being of coastal communities. By addressing the concerns of fishermen and providing a mechanism for fair compensation, Avangrid demonstrates its commitment to responsible and inclusive development in the Northeast region.

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