Georgia Gears Up for Flood Safety Preparedness Week: March 11-15 Initiatives Aim to Mitigate Flooding Risks

As the threat of flooding looms over Georgia, the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) alongside the National Weather Service have designated March 11-15 as Flood Safety Preparedness Week. This initiative aims to raise awareness and encourage residents across the state to take proactive measures in preparation for potential flooding events.

Director Chris Stallings of GEMA/HS emphasizes the critical importance of early preparation to mitigate the adverse impacts of flooding on both individuals and property. With nine major flooding incidents occurring nationwide over the past five years, causing substantial damage, the need for preparedness cannot be overstated. In Georgia alone, over 780 flood incidents have been documented, resulting in a staggering $12.8 million in damages.

Throughout Flood Safety Preparedness Week, each day will focus on a different aspect of flood safety and preparedness. From planning and creating readiness kits to understanding the risks associated with driving through floodwaters, the week-long campaign aims to equip residents with essential knowledge and resources to safeguard themselves and their communities.

March 11 will kick off the week by emphasizing the importance of planning, readiness kit preparation, and community communication. Subsequent days will delve into specific topics such as the hazards of driving through floodwaters, avoiding potential contamination or electrical hazards in floodwaters, and accessing resources provided by the National Weather Service for flood preparation.

Notably, the National Weather Service will introduce its new National Weather Prediction Service (NWPS) website on March 27, 2024, replacing the current Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service. This updated platform will enhance accessibility to vital weather information and flood forecasts, further empowering residents to make informed decisions during flooding events.

GEMA/HS, operating under the Governor’s Office, collaborates with various governmental and non-governmental entities to ensure the safety and well-being of Georgia residents during emergencies. Through its Ready Georgia website and preparedness campaign, GEMA/HS equips individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively prepare for and respond to disasters.

Residents are encouraged to visit the Ready Georgia website and follow @GeorgiaEMAHS on social media platforms for comprehensive preparedness tips, emergency updates, and valuable resources. By staying informed and proactive, Georgia residents can better protect themselves, their families, and their communities from the impacts of flooding.

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In conclusion, Flood Safety Preparedness Week serves as a timely reminder for Georgia residents to prioritize preparedness and take proactive steps to mitigate the risks posed by flooding. Through collective action and informed decision-making, communities can build resilience and enhance their ability to withstand and recover from flood-related emergencies.

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