Indulge in 'The Taste of Things' Culinary Delights Across New Jersey

Fans of the ultimate French foodie flick, “The Taste of Things,” are in for a treat beyond the silver screen. This delectable film, rich with decadent food shots, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, leaving audiences yearning for a taste of its mouthwatering dishes. Now, you can satisfy your cravings by exploring where to find these cinematic delights in and around New Jersey.

  1. Vol-au-Vent at Le Coucou, Manhattan: Featuring a golden-brown crust enveloping a creamy seafood filling, the vol-au-vent stole the show with its visual appeal in the movie. While this old-world French classic is now scarce, Manhattan’s Le Coucou offers a tantalizing version, including veal and lobster renditions. Indulge in this savory delight and experience a culinary journey reminiscent of the film’s allure.
  2. Baked Alaska at Basilico, Millburn: With warm meringue enveloping cool ice cream, the baked Alaska offers a divine contrast of textures and temperatures. Basilico in Millburn serves up individual portions of this decadent dessert atop a thick slice of pound cake. Experience a symphony of flavors with each heavenly bite, reminiscent of the cinematic magic of “The Taste of Things.”
  3. Veal Loin at Villa Amalfi, Cliffside Park: Tender and juicy, the veal loin captured hearts with its irresistible appeal in the film. Villa Amalfi’s Lombata alla Griglia, featuring a colossal veal chop plated with potatoes, promises to tantalize your taste buds just as effectively. Embark on a culinary escapade and savor the flavors of this delectable dish, evoking memories of the movie’s culinary romance.
  4. Ortolans – Unfortunately Not Available: While the ortolans depicted in the film may remain elusive in America and even in France due to legal restrictions, you can still indulge in a similar sense of culinary decadence. Perhaps opt for an alternative treat and let your imagination run wild, turning a simple meal into a lavish feast.
  5. Oysters at The Oyster Bar at Jockey Hollow, Morristown: For aficionados of high-end raw bar delights, The Oyster Bar at Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen offers a luxurious experience. Indulge in freshly shucked oysters topped with pomegranate mignonette, reveling in the opulent ambiance reminiscent of the film’s culinary extravagance.
  6. Omelets at The Caldwell Diner, Caldwell: Savor the simple pleasures of life with a classic omelet, reminiscent of the everyday meals enjoyed by the characters in the movie. Head to The Caldwell Diner for a cozy dining experience and relish their perfectly crispy omelets, cooked to perfection on a hot, oiled grill.

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Embark on a culinary adventure across New Jersey and experience the magic of “The Taste of Things” through its tantalizing dishes, each offering a delightful taste of cinematic splendor.

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