North Texas Primary Election: What's on the Ballot and Why It Matters

Today marks Election Day in North Texas, where voters will have the opportunity to participate in several local and statewide primary races, ultimately determining the candidates who will advance to the general election later this year.

The significance of this election extends beyond just the presidential primaries, as voters will also have a say in party contests ranging from Dallas County commissioner to the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat, challenging incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz in the fall.

Why does it matter? While every vote is crucial, the primary elections hold particular importance due to their lower turnout compared to general elections. In districts where one party holds a significant advantage, the primaries effectively determine the outcome of the election.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening on the ballot:

Presidential Primaries: Voters will choose their preferred candidates for the presidency. U.S. Senate: Incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz faces Democratic challengers, including U.S. Rep. Colin Allred from Dallas and state Sen. Roland Gutierrez from San Antonio. U.S. House: Various candidates will compete for nominations to represent their districts in the U.S. House of Representatives. Texas Supreme Court and Texas Railroad Commission: Races for these statewide positions will be decided. Texas Board of Education: Candidates vying for positions on the Texas Board of Education will be on the ballot. Local Contests: Several North Texas counties will decide candidates for county-wide offices. In Dallas County, notable contests include the Democratic primary for Sheriff, where Marian Brown faces Lupe Valdez, a former Dallas County sheriff. Longtime county commissioner John Wiley Price is challenged by real estate developer Derek Avery in the Democratic primary. Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn, a Republican, faces no challengers from his party, but two Democrats are competing for the chance to run against him. The state of play: Approximately 1.8 million Texans, constituting 10% of registered voters, cast early ballots in this election, according to the Texas Tribune. This indicates significant early participation, highlighting the importance of this election cycle.

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Flashback: In the previous presidential primary in 2020, early voter turnout stood at 12.6% of registered voters.

As polls remain open until 7 pm today, voters are encouraged to participate and make their voices heard. Visit the elections website for your county to review voter registration, access sample ballots, and find polling locations. With crucial decisions at stake, every vote counts in shaping the future of North Texas and beyond.

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