Ohio Launches Ohio Career Navigator to Address Labor Shortage

Ohio has taken a proactive step in addressing its labor shortage by unveiling the Ohio Career Navigator, a new online education and career resource aimed at connecting residents with personalized opportunities for professional development and advancement. Launched on Tuesday, the platform, hosted by Ohio Means Jobs, offers individuals the chance to take a survey to assess their educational and career objectives. Based on their responses, users are then directed to a curated selection of both public and private sector resources tailored to their needs and aspirations. The Ohio Career Navigator can be accessed through ohiomeansjobs.com.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted introduced the tool at a gathering of the Governor’s Executive Workforce Board in Westerville, emphasizing its role in promoting career readiness and progression. Comprising over 30 members from diverse sectors such as elected officials, union leaders, business executives, and education professionals, the board was established in 2012 by former Governor John Kasich and has been renewed under Governor Mike DeWine’s administration.

Husted likened the Ohio Career Navigator to a GPS for career exploration, providing guidance akin to navigational directions to help individuals navigate their professional pathways effectively. He noted that the initiative stemmed from a recommendation by the Ohio Business Roundtable, underscoring its collaborative approach to addressing workforce challenges.

Highlighting the current imbalance between job vacancies and available workers, Husted stressed that Ohio is currently experiencing a surplus of job opportunities compared to its workforce capacity. However, he acknowledged that various barriers, including credentialing requirements, hinder individuals from accessing these employment opportunities fully.

Despite the abundance of job openings, Husted identified the lack of affordable childcare as a significant obstacle to workforce participation. To address this issue, he encouraged businesses across Ohio to consider offering onsite childcare facilities as a means of supporting their employees’ needs.

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In addition to the Ohio Career Navigator, the state recently launched the Nursing Home Quality Navigator, an online database that consolidates federal and state data on Ohio’s long-term care facilities. This initiative reflects Ohio’s commitment to centralizing essential resources and information to empower residents and improve access to critical services across various sectors.

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