Texas Rep. Colin Allred Invites Dallas Doctor Forced to Seek Abortion Outside State to State of the Union

Dallas obstetrician/gynecologist Austin Dennard, compelled to travel out of state for an abortion due to severe fetal abnormalities, will be a guest at President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, courtesy of U.S. Rep. Colin Allred, D-Dallas.

Allred’s invitation underscores the ongoing debate surrounding abortion access and its significance in the 2024 campaign messaging for Democrats.

Dennard’s plight sheds light on the challenges faced by Texas women under restrictive state laws. She highlights the dire situation where providers are hesitant to mention “abortion,” making it increasingly difficult for women with complex pregnancies to receive essential care.

Accompanying Dennard will be Kate Cox, invited by First Lady Jill Biden, who unsuccessfully sued Texas for permission to terminate her pregnancy after receiving a lethal fetal diagnosis.

Allred, a frontrunner in the Democratic primary, has staunchly supported federal protections for abortion access and the right to interstate travel for healthcare. He lauds Dennard’s courage, emphasizing that no woman should endure the obstacles she faced to receive life-saving care.

In contrast, Senator Ted Cruz, the Republican incumbent, has criticized the White House’s stance on abortion, labeling it as “extreme and dishonest rhetoric.” While Democrats advocate for protecting abortion access, Cruz argues for legal limits on the procedure, echoing public sentiment for some restrictions.

Dennard’s journey underscores the urgent need to address Texas’s restrictive abortion laws, particularly in cases of severe fetal abnormalities. Her decision to seek care out of state highlights the lengths women are willing to go to access essential healthcare.

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Despite facing significant hurdles, Dennard remains steadfast in her advocacy, sharing her story with policymakers and the public. Her attendance at the State of the Union amplifies her voice and serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight for reproductive rights in Texas and beyond.

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