On a day that began like any other in the quiet community of New Hampton, Orange County, events took an unsettling turn, leading to the arrest of 64-year-old resident Donna Inga on Wednesday, March 27. This incident unfolded over the course of a week, beginning with a tense situation that put local law enforcement and emergency services on high alert.

The sequence of events started on Wednesday, March 20, when the Town of Wallkill Police Department received a distressing report. According to Lt. Robert McLymore, a bomb threat had been made against Garnet Health Medical Center in Middletown, a crucial healthcare facility serving the community.

The initial alert to this potential danger came from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, which had been contacted by a third party. This third party relayed that they had received a voicemail containing a bomb threat directed at the hospital.

Promptly acting on this information, the Wallkill Police Department initiated a thorough investigation. Their inquiries led them to the source of the threatening call, which was traced back to the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center located in Goshen. In a coordinated effort to ensure public safety, Wallkill Police collaborated with Garnet Health Medical Center’s security management, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and K9 units from the Town of Chester and the Village of Goshen.

Together, they conducted a comprehensive search of the hospital’s exterior, buildings, and grounds. Despite the serious nature of the threat, their diligent search did not uncover any explosive devices, and, fortunately, there were no reported injuries or disruptions to hospital services.

The successful resolution of the bomb threat without harm to the public or interruption to critical medical services was a testament to the swift and coordinated response of the involved agencies. However, the investigation continued, leading to a significant breakthrough.

Following the meticulous work of the investigative team, Donna Inga was identified as the individual connected to the bomb threat. Subsequently, Inga was arrested, marking the culmination of an intense period of activity for the Wallkill Police Department and their partners. Despite the severity of the accusations, Inga was released on an appearance ticket, with instructions to return for a forthcoming court appearance.

This incident underscores the complex challenges faced by law enforcement and emergency services in maintaining public safety. It also highlights the critical importance of inter-agency cooperation in responding to potential threats and ensuring the well-being of the community.

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