In a case that has gripped Orange County, New York, with its harrowing details, Jesse Frank, a 38-year-old resident of Unionville, has entered a guilty plea to charges of first-degree burglary in a distressing incident that has been described by Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler as the embodiment of “every resident’s worst nightmare.”

Harrowing Home Invasion in Unionville

The unsettling events unfolded around noon on May 10, 2023, when Jesse Frank, armed with a knife, forcefully entered a home in the Village of Unionville. In a terrifying encounter, Frank assaulted a tenant of the home, threatening their life and inflicting serious injuries.

The assault culminated in the victim sustaining a broken orbital bone and a cut on the hand after being struck near the eye with the knife. The quick thinking and bravery of the victim enabled them to escape the immediate danger and seek assistance from a passing motorist who promptly contacted emergency services.

A Chilling Confession

Further chilling details emerged as Frank admitted to law enforcement his intent to “take the victim’s eye out,” a statement that underscores the grave nature of the attack. While pleading guilty, Frank acknowledged his unlawful entry into the victim’s bedroom with the aim of committing a violent crime, resulting in significant but thankfully not permanent injuries to the victim.

Legal Proceedings and Sentencing

District Attorney Hoovler emphasized the importance of stringent penalties for violent offenders, not only to ensure the safety of the community by removing dangerous individuals but also to act as a deterrent to potential future offenders. Under the terms of the plea agreement, the prosecution will recommend a sentence of 9 years in prison for Frank, with sentencing scheduled for May.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the threats that can intrude upon the safety of our homes and the critical role of the justice system in responding to such acts of violence. The community awaits the final sentencing, hopeful for a resolution that brings some measure of justice to the victim and reinforces the message that violent crimes will be met with serious consequences.

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