Florida Attorney's Family Reaches $1 Million Settlement with Property in Murder Case

In a tragic turn of events, the family of Steven Cozzi, a slain attorney from Largo, Florida, has reached a settlement with MH Belcher Property, LLC., where Cozzi was killed. The settlement, amounting to $1 million, marks a significant development in the legal proceedings surrounding Cozzi’s untimely death.

Cozzi’s family filed a lawsuit against MH Belcher Property, LLC., alleging negligence in failing to maintain a safe environment on the premises, particularly after a suspicious incident occurred about a week prior to Cozzi’s murder. This settlement, accepted on Thursday as per online court records, reflects a measure of closure for the family amidst their grief and loss.

The tragic incident unfolded when Cozzi was allegedly killed by Tomasz Kosowski, a plastic surgeon from the Tampa Bay area, inside the building’s bathroom. Kosowski was charged with first-degree murder in connection with Cozzi’s death, amplifying the gravity of the situation.

Court documents reveal a complex web of legal entanglements preceding Cozzi’s murder. Kosowski was embroiled in a civil lawsuit filed in 2019, involving a medical billing dispute with individuals associated with the Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery, where he had previously worked. The law firm where Cozzi was employed, Blanchard Law, represented several defendants in Kosowski’s lawsuit, adding a layer of complexity to the case.

The events leading up to Cozzi’s murder paint a harrowing picture. On Jan. 26, 2023, Cozzi and Kosowski were engaged in a heated exchange during a disposition hearing at the law firm. Later that day, a neighboring business reported a suspicious incident involving a man hiding in a utility closet within the same building.

The following month, on March 21, 2023, Cozzi arrived at work at the Blanchard Law office, only to vanish without a trace after visiting the bathroom. Surveillance footage captured a man entering the building carrying a large box and backpack, later seen exiting with what appeared to be a heavy cart covered with a red bag or blanket. Authorities noted the individual’s struggle with the cart, indicating potential involvement in Cozzi’s disappearance and subsequent murder. The state’s pursuit of the death penalty against Kosowski underscores the severity of the crime and the pursuit of justice for Cozzi and his grieving family.

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As the legal proceedings continue, the settlement reached between Cozzi’s family and MH Belcher Property, LLC., serves as a significant step towards accountability and closure in a case that has gripped the community with shock and sadness.

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