Former State Senator Ed Tarver's Funeral Arrangements Announced

The passing of former State Senator Ed Tarver has prompted the announcement of funeral arrangements, shared through a statement from his law firm. Tarver’s demise on February 9, attributed to complications arising from back surgery, marks the end of a life dedicated to public service and legal advocacy.

Family, friends, and colleagues will have the opportunity to pay their respects during visitation hours on Friday, February 16, at Mays Funeral Home. The visitation will commence at 7:30 pm and conclude at 8:30 pm, providing a space for remembrance and honoring Tarver’s memory.

A solemn funeral service is slated for Saturday, February 17, at 2 pm, to be held at the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel at Paine College. This service promises to be a poignant occasion for reflection, as attendees gather to celebrate Tarver’s life, accomplishments, and enduring impact on his community and beyond.

Tarver’s legacy transcends state borders, exemplified by his appointment as the 48th United States Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia by President Barack Obama. In achieving this milestone, Tarver made history as the first Black man to hold this esteemed position, marking a significant advancement in representation and diversity within the legal sphere.

Throughout his illustrious career, Tarver earned acclaim as a dedicated public servant, a tireless advocate for justice, and a pioneer in his field. His contributions resonated deeply, shaping the landscape of his profession and leaving an indelible mark on the communities he served.

As mourners gather to bid farewell to Senator Ed Tarver, they do so with hearts heavy with grief but also filled with gratitude for the profound impact he made during his time on Earth. His legacy will endure through the lives he touched and the positive changes he spearheaded, a testament to his enduring commitment to serving others and effecting meaningful change.

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In honoring Tarver’s memory, those who knew him will cherish his integrity, passion, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of society. His passing leaves a void in the hearts of many, yet his influence will continue to inspire generations to come, serving as a beacon of hope and perseverance in the pursuit of justice and equality.

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