Georgia Senate Approves $100K Homestead Exemption for Atlanta Senior Homeowners

The Georgia State Senate recently made a significant stride in property tax relief for seniors residing within the City of Atlanta by passing Senate Bill 439 on February 13. This measure proposes a senior homestead exemption from City of Atlanta Independent School District ad valorem taxes for educational purposes, offering eligible homeowners a substantial exemption of $100,000.

The exemption is specifically designed to benefit Atlanta residents aged 65 or older, with a single or combined household income not exceeding $100,000. Sponsored by Sen. Jason Esteves (D-Dist. 6), SB 439 aims to alleviate the financial burden of property taxes for senior citizens, enabling them to better afford to remain in their homes and communities.

Sen. Esteves emphasized the importance of this measure in providing tangible support to Atlanta’s seniors, stating, “By advancing this measure through the Senate, we’re making meaningful progress in easing the burden of property taxes for our seniors.” He highlighted the critical role that SB 439 plays in promoting affordability and stability for elderly residents, ensuring they can continue to reside in their homes with dignity and financial security.

The criteria outlined by the Department of Revenue for eligibility for the homestead exemption include the requirement that the homeowner actually occupies the property as their legal residence. Additionally, provisions are made for individuals who may be temporarily away from their homes due to health reasons, ensuring that they are not denied the exemption.

As SB 439 moves forward to the Georgia House of Representatives for approval, Sen. Esteves expressed confidence in its passage and underscored his commitment to advocating for the well-being of constituents in the City of Atlanta. “As we work towards fairness and prosperity for all, I’m honored to champion this initiative that directly benefits our constituents in the City of Atlanta,” he remarked. He extended his gratitude to his Senate colleagues for their support and anticipated its swift approval in the House.

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The passage of SB 439 represents a significant victory for Atlanta’s senior population, providing much-needed relief from property tax burdens and ensuring that older residents can continue to call the city home with peace of mind and financial stability. As the bill progresses through the legislative process, its positive impact on the lives of Atlanta’s seniors remains at the forefront of efforts to promote equity and well-being in the state of Georgia.

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