A Comprehensive Guide to Voting in the March 5 Primary Election in Riverside County

As the March 5 primary election approaches, the Riverside County Registrar of Voters (ROV) aims to demystify the voting process, ensuring transparency and accessibility for all voters. With just one day left until Election Day, let’s take a closer look behind the scenes to understand how the entire process unfolds, from receiving the ballot to certifying the results.

Riverside County has streamlined the voting process by sending vote-by-mail ballots to all registered voters, providing convenience and flexibility. However, voters also have the option to cast their ballots in person at designated vote centers or drop-off locations.

Alice Kim, chief deputy for the operations division, emphasized the importance of voter options and accessibility during a media tour of the ROV’s office. Whether by mail, drop-off, or in-person voting at a vote center, Riverside County ensures that every voter can participate in the democratic process.

For voters who encounter issues with their ballots, such as mismarking or damage, the ROV provides solutions. They can return the spoiled ballot, marked accordingly, and explore alternative options for casting their vote by contacting the ROV.

At vote centers, voters are presented with multiple options for casting their ballots. They can choose between marking a paper ballot or using a touchscreen device called an accessible voting unit (AVU). The AVU generates a paper ballot with the voter’s selections filled in after they have voted, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

Once completed, the ballot is either scanned into a ballot scanner or dropped into a ballot box. If scanned, voters can review their selections before the ballot is loaded onto an SD card for transportation to the ROV office for official counting.

The stringent chain of custody protocols ensures the safety and accuracy of every ballot, safeguarding the integrity of the election process. From the moment a vote is cast to the final certification of results, the ROV works diligently to uphold transparency and accountability in the electoral system.

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As Election Day approaches, Riverside County voters can trust in the integrity of the process and exercise their democratic right with confidence, knowing that their voices will be heard and their votes counted.

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