Riverside County Supervisor Faces Challenge from Former Mayors in Election

In the upcoming election, only one incumbent Riverside County supervisor will face challengers. Supervisor Charles “Chuck” Washington, 71, representing the Third District, is up against former Murrieta Mayor Jonathan Ingram, 58, and former Cudahy Mayor Jack M. Guerrero, 50, of Temecula.

Washington, who was appointed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown in 2015 and subsequently elected in 2016 and 2020, emphasizes his commitment to economic development, job growth, and enhancing residents’ quality of life. He highlights achievements such as increasing county government reserves and collaborating with local cities to address homelessness and reduce crime.

Despite facing criticism over certain policy stances, including a proposal for a sheriff’s department review during the George Floyd protests in 2020, Washington has garnered endorsements from notable figures like Sheriff Chad Bianco and other law enforcement officials.

Challenger Jonathan Ingram, drawing from his experience as a Murrieta City Councilman, prioritizes public safety, traffic congestion, and job creation. He aims to address root causes of crime, such as homelessness and substance abuse, while also advocating for job opportunities within the county to reduce commuting times for residents.

Ingram’s tenure in local government has provided him with insights into connecting with constituents and addressing community concerns effectively. He highlights his role in making Murrieta one of the safest cities in California and proposes similar strategies at the county level.

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As the election approaches, voters in Riverside County’s Third District will weigh the candidates’ platforms and qualifications in determining who will represent their interests on the Board of Supervisors. With issues like economic development, public safety, and job creation at the forefront, the outcome of the election could shape the district’s future trajectory.

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