Seeking Solutions: Proposals Invited to Address Delaware County's Ongoing Opioid Crisis Using Settlement Funds

As part of the opioid settlement payments arranged for New York State, including Delaware County, the State Attorney General has allocated funds to address the ongoing opioid crisis. These payments, beginning in 2022 and spanning over 18 years, consist of both one-time and ongoing payments. Delaware County has established the Opioid Settlement Committee to review community proposals and allocate funds in accordance with the guidelines provided by the New York State Opioid Settlement Fund Advisory Board.

The Delaware County Opioid Settlement Committee (DCOSC) is currently accepting proposals for programs aimed at tackling the opioid crisis and associated mental health and substance abuse issues within the county. The primary objective is to provide assistance to local residents adversely affected by the opioid epidemic. Proposals from a diverse range of entities, including for-profit, non-profit, educational, and governmental organizations, are encouraged and welcomed.

While some settlement details are still being finalized in court, the DCOSC has indicated that additional funds may become available for future proposals. As a result, the committee retains the flexibility to adjust or decline awards based on fund availability.

For further information about the proposal process, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Doug Elson, Director of Community Services. Proposals should be submitted to the Delaware County Opioid Settlement Committee, with specific attention to Carolyn Whiteside.

The application process consists of two parts, and applicants are required to carefully complete both sections. Proposals should be typed and organized as outlined in the provided guidelines. It is imperative that all questions are answered comprehensively, and only one copy of the proposal, featuring numbered pages, should be submitted. There is no need for binding or stapling of the proposal document.

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By actively engaging in this proposal process, Delaware County residents and organizations can play a pivotal role in addressing the opioid crisis and supporting those in need within our community. Together, let us work towards creating meaningful and effective solutions to combat this pressing public health challenge.

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