San Jacinto Man Faces Charges in Brutal Assault on Mother

A harrowing tale unfolded in San Jacinto, California, as Pascual Herrera Carlos, a convicted felon, found himself facing trial for the attempted murder of his 76-year-old mother. The judge’s ruling on Thursday at the Banning Justice Center marked a significant milestone in the legal proceedings, with Carlos ordered to stand trial for attempted murder and other serious offenses.

The arrest of Pascual Herrera Carlos stemmed from a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department investigation into a disturbing assault that took place in the 300 block of South Kirby Street, near Cottonwood Avenue, in 2022. The allegations detailed a horrific attack on his mother, inflicting life-threatening stab wounds.

Following a preliminary hearing, Superior Court Judge Randolph Rogers determined that there was sufficient evidence to proceed to trial on the attempted murder charge. Additionally, sentence-enhancing allegations of using a deadly weapon — a knife — and inflicting great bodily injury were also upheld.

A post-preliminary hearing arraignment was scheduled for March 14, with Carlos’s bail remaining set at $1 million. Currently held at the Byrd Detention Center in Murrieta, Carlos awaits further legal proceedings as the case unfolds.

According to sheriff’s Sgt. Anthony Pelato, the incident occurred on the morning of September 28, 2022, when Carlos engaged in a confrontation with his mother inside her residence. The altercation turned violent, with Carlos allegedly wielding a knife and inflicting severe wounds upon the victim before fleeing the scene.

Thankfully, the victim managed to contact emergency services, and prompt medical intervention by paramedics and deputies led to her eventual recovery. Despite the traumatic ordeal, she survived the brutal assault and received necessary medical attention.

Following an extensive search, authorities located Carlos in San Diego County in late November 2022, leading to his arrest without incident. He was subsequently transferred to Riverside County to face charges related to the attack on his mother.

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While details of Carlos’s prior felony convictions in another jurisdiction were not disclosed in court documents, the gravity of the charges against him underscores the severity of the alleged crime. As the legal process unfolds, the community remains vigilant in seeking justice for the victim and holding perpetrators of violence to account.

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