Founder of St. Pete Special Needs Trust Fund Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged $100M Embezzlement

Recent court records reveal that the founder of a special needs trust fund company in St. Petersburg, accused of embezzling $100 million, is now the subject of a class action lawsuit. Filed on behalf of Todd and Kelli Chamberlin in Palm Beach County, the lawsuit seeks to recover the missing funds for families affected by the alleged misappropriation.

The lawsuit targets Leo Govoni, the founder of the trust, along with his company, Boston Finance Group, and several other individuals and entities. Jonathan Streisfeld, the attorney representing the Chamberlins, emphasized the significance of seeking justice for those impacted by the financial wrongdoing. “Some of the most vulnerable people in our society have now had their money misappropriated, taken, however you want to phrase that,” Streisfeld stated, underscoring the urgency of recovering the funds through legal recourse.

According to court documents, the Chamberlins’ twin sons, Clark and Sawyer, suffered from a common birth infection known as Group B Strep. Clark’s inadequate treatment resulted in severe complications, including meningitis and cerebral palsy. Attorney Thomas Leeder, representing the family, has highlighted the devastating impact of the alleged misconduct on vulnerable individuals and their families.

The lawsuit reflects broader concerns surrounding financial exploitation and its ramifications for vulnerable populations. As legal proceedings unfold, the pursuit of justice remains paramount, with efforts focused on holding accountable those responsible for the alleged embezzlement and securing restitution for affected families.

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The Chamberlin family’s ordeal serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safeguarding trust funds and ensuring accountability within financial management systems. As the legal battle progresses, the hope is that justice will be served, providing a measure of relief to those whose lives have been upended by financial malfeasance.

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